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The Hull Institute, LLC, is the new owner of New Beginnings Eating Disorders Center in Fairlawn, Ohio.  The Hull Institute has been providing eating disorders treatment in Cuyahoga County for over 13 years.  We recently purchased New Beginnings EDC in Fairlawn to continue and expand our services to better meet the needs of our communities.  New Beginnings EDC has had a strong reputation over the years for providing top notch eating disorder intensive treatment.  While the faces have changed, the new team will continue to provide that same high quality, compassionate care to each and every client and family member. 

New Beginnings EDC at The Hull Institute provides professional eating disorders treatment for teens and adults, men and woman who struggle with eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. We also provide treatment for related concerns including over-exercising, body image, anxiety, depression and substance mis-use.

New Beginnings IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) is a 9 hours/week, 6 week program. Individualized family therapy and nutrition education is provided on an additional 4th day for those under the age of 18. Family sessions are also available for adults participating in the program, by request.

The clinicians in the IOP understand the behaviors and concerns of people struggling with eating disorders and that sometimes, no matter how hard you try on your own, you need a more intensive program to provide you support, accountability and education.

The IOP consists of:

  • Individualized meal plan to nourish and restore your brain and body to health
  • Support and accountability through meal logs, supervised meals, and goal setting
  • Process groups to talk about current issues you are having and skills you are using to move through them with the help of trained therapists and other group members wo “get it”
  • Evidence-based DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) based and CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) skills groups to teach you tools to better manage emotions, conflicts, urges, relationships with self and others
  • Art therapy to assist you in looking at your internal self that gets you into your body and out of your head
  • Movement therapy to help you get out of your head and into your body
  • Family support group to teach your family about eating disorders and all other issues that go with them depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, high sensitivity, and other challenges
  • Multifamily group to pull clients and families together to talk about the eating disorder and how families can assist and support

That’s a lot of treatment in only 9 hours/week.  We don’t mess around!  At New Beginnings EDC we provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for you to move toward a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Conveniently located in Fairlawn, OH, New Beginnings EDC is credentialed with most major insurance companies. The IOPs are an appropriate step up from individual counseling for people needing more, yet don’t need all day or residential treatment.  The IOPs are also an appropriate step-down treatment for those transitioning from a Partial Hospital Program or Residential Treatment Program. Please consider calling us today.

If you are looking for a comprehensive assessment and/or individual therapy we also have eating disorders specialists and dietitians in the Fairlawn office who can assist you in your recovery.  We offer day, evening and weekend hours.  We accept most major insurances and we offer a sliding scale.

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For more information please contact us.