“Ann has the knowledge and experience to deliver Drug-Free Workplace Training in a personal and practical way. Her ability to make the training interactive and connect with our associates is why we call her back each year.”

NPA Coatings Inc.
Nancy Rizzardi
Safety Manager


“I have worked with Ann Hull (The Hull Institute) for years. Ann’s knowledge and expertise in the training arena of drug awareness and maintaining a Drug Free Work Place is superior. Ann connects well to a variety of audiences ranging from the business executive to the shop floor mechanic. I count on her to deliver a well organized program and she never fails.

Cardpak, Inc.
David Braddix,
Solon, OH

Drug-Free Workplace

Are drug and alcohol abuse costing your company money?  Indeed, they are.

Drugs and Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace: The Bottom Line

  1. On average, employees with inappropriate substance use cost their employers $7,000-$25,000 annually
  2. Substance abusers are 33-50% less productive than non-users
  3. Abusers are absent 3 weeks more per year than non-abusers
  4. Substance users file 300-400% more costly medical claims
  5. 50-80% of pilferage, loss and theft are due to substance abusers
  6. Up to 70% of serious workplace accidents are related to alcohol and drug abuse

Source: Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation

Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation Announces the New Drug Free Safety Program

  • Discounts of 3-7%, on top of current discounts
  • Yearly training reduced to 1 hour
  • Yearly supervisor training reduced to 2 hours
  • Train The Trainer options to train employees
  • Supervisors still need yearly training from a certified trainer
  • Participating companies will need to update their current drug free workplace policy to include other safety issues (This is quite simple!)
  • Training grants to cover some of the training costs

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